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Hi, I am Karin Schipper, but you must have noticed that already. On this website you can see a lot of my works of visual art. I graduated from AKI Academy of Art in Enschede (NL) in 2003. At the academy I was always enormously busy building huge installations. A number of these contraptions can be seen on the website. Since AKI I exhibit regularly and since then art education is a field of my activities.

My installations are worlds on their own. Every one of them has its specific story. These stories emerge while preparing and constructing it. The whole process may easily take a year. During that time I collect a lot of materials and create components that will ultimately make my installation. I also collect ready-mades; in my opinion you really don’t have to create every bit-part yourself. If something fits, than it fits. In the environment my story really comes to life. That is always a thrilling moment. Do your ideas come through? Is the observer able to do something with the assists you give him?

The fun about installations is that one part enhances the other and changes its meaning. It is very different from a collection of individual works of art. I expect my public to look at the parts associatively and to look for the underlying story in a playful way.

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